Saturday, August 30, 2014

Motivation Matters

Enjoy a Laugh
“Motivation is fickle; it’s not as simple as making a connection
with students at the outset of the lesson. We have to maintain their interest.”
                          ~ Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey

Click on 31 Signs You Have Been a Teacher Too Long from the International Reading Association. I know you can use this information in some way! It might take a minute to loadworth it!

Besides the above humorous link, I  recommend the latest issue of Educational Leadership. September's issue is titled MOTIVATION MATTERS, and is literally filled with note-worthy articles. Find someone who has a copy and borrow.


My FOUR favorites: (so far)

Four (Secret Keys to Student Engagement)
by Robyn Jackson and Allison Zmuda.   FOUR STAR

             Dimensions (or Keys)

                 Students Ask

        Teachers Ask


What’s my goal?

What do I want students to


What’s in it for me?

Why do they need this?


What have I learned from this classroom to help me persevere?

How can I support students?


What's is my game plan and my on-going strategies?

How can I balance challenge and support?

Close Reading without Tears by Nancy Boyles  FOUR STAR
Text sets are the perfect match for how texts work and critical thinking. Excellent questions for Standards 1-9 provided.

Reading Time with Goals in Mind by Jennifer Serravallo  FOUR STAR
Students set goals to make independent reading time more purposeful. Teacher and student work together to set goals.

Designing Relevant Learning by Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey FOUR STAR Go beyond “because you need to know this next year."

         For the past few weeks I have been working on a Close Reading project. Can't seem to finish, but it's looking good. Will share real soon. 

Before beginning Season 2, I vowed I would only post when I had something to give you to make your job easier, or something I felt you couldn't live without. Most likely, I will not blog EVERY Saturday since that is a pretty tall order! I do appreciate you checking in on me. Have a wonderful 3-day holiday, and a very Happy Saturday.

WPS! Go Hogs!

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